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Aulad Na Hona

Aulad Na Hona

Having becoming a parent is a great blessing of Allah almighty for Aulad Na Hona,everyone.Aulad Na Hona And everyone want to have children because its a natural desire of human being. There may be different reason for having no child example lack in husband lack in wife magic by a jealous or by the Allah Azza Waal. So first you have to identify the specific reason and remove it through medicines as well as through wazifa-e Quran.Aulad Na Hona This is a big issue is in our society and Muslim you dont worry about this problem Insha Allah give you a beautiful childrens everything is possible through wazifa and Dua if you can face this kind of problems I will tell you some Dua and wazifa if your Insha Allah god solve your problems for Aulat Na Hona if your problem is not solve them contact me my contact number is 0321-2221372 and my name is Babu jan bangali insha Allah I will guide you.

Aulad na Hona Coming to wazifa if you dont have any medical problem then try this powerful and guaranteed wazifa of Darood-e- Sharif for having child birth inshah Allah you will become mother and father.
The female (wife) will have to do this that when she will get release from menses she will have to have fast ROZA for 7days daily and daily at the of IFTAR(opening Roza at Maghrib).
DAROOD-E TAJ for 11 time
And then below on date and eat that date and pray to Allah for your desire IN SHA ALLAH JAL you get pregnant during that week. If it does not happen on first week repeat this wazifa every month attempt must will happen IN SHA ALLAH AZZA WA JAL you not be disappointed Allah well give you a baby. You must try this wazifa and see you a bright feature in your life and you spend your beautiful life and husband life also. The next wazifa is my lord grand me from thee a good offspring surely thou art the hearer of prayer

Aulad Na Hona

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