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Shadi Main Rukawat

Shadi Main Rukawat

Shadi main Rukawat Nowadays majority of the youth are face or encountering marriage problems due to fact that they fall in love with in a pre- material phase. Most of daughter are effected by black magic or bandish on their marriage. Girls are growing older day by day. They got engaged but after some time it break whatever the reason might be.

Shadi Main Rukawat

Dua for Removing Obstacle in Marriage or Shadi main Rukawat
I am telling you a strong wazifa for the removing obstacles in marriage which help you insha Allah in getting married with a pious boy or girls all the hindrances in the marriage will be insha Allah will be soon. The strong wazifa in given below.
On each Friday after zuhar namaaz one should recite the verse 9 of surah ale Imran 313 time and before and after you should also read Durood Ibrahmi 7 time Insha Allah you will get a good marriage proposal. This wazifa is especially meant to be read if you are getting married dua to unknown reason there arent any specific reason.
Shadi ki rukawat khatum karna ki dua ; This is the solid Islamic supplication to expel snags in the marriage wazifa to evacuate deterrents in marriage Shadi ma rukawat ka wazifa shadi ma rukat kathum karna ke Dua Quran se.

In this event that somebody has obstructed the marriage Shadi Main rukawat, of young lady or kid by dark enchantment or revile spells at the point do this wazifa to evacuate hindrances in marriage supplication to expel impediment in marriage. It will cure the impact of dark enchantment and open the entryway of favorable luck for him/her. Take 21 leaves of uncovered tree and blend them in warm water and present.

Surah Fatiha, Ayatal kursi, surah ikhlass and surah kafiroon. 70 time each while mixing the warm water and blow on them after this the young lady/kid should wash up from the water for 3 to days. In Sha Allah obstruction will be expelled.
Females ought not do this wazifa amid their periods. Do this wazifa in the condition of bathing at a spotless place and dont ridicule wazifa else you will endure. This wazifa change your life and solve your problems. If any problems you contact us our religious expert Babu jan bangali is guide you better and solve your every problems of life and there contact no is 0321-2221372. He guide you and tell you how to do his wazifa Insha Allah solve your every problem or Shadi Main Rukawat.

Shadi Main Rukawat

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Shadi me rukawat

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Salat for marriage

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Second shaadi marathi

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