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Wazifa for Rizq

Wazifa for Rizq

Wazifa for Rizq or sustenance the most important and a base of every one life in this world.Wazifa for Rizq Without this we cannot assume our life. Our basic need luxuries and all other requirement can only be accomplishes only if we have pennies in our pocket. To increase substance is ultimately increase your earning power.

Islamic Prayer get more and more sustenance in life. Dua for sustenance financial support maintenance livelihood subsistence income source of income mean of living.
In front of Almighty Allah subhanahu wata Ala
Offer 20 optional prayer in two-two rakah in such a way that
After Surah Fateha you have recite Surah iklas

And then after this recite one hundred 100 time Ya Ghaffaaru
You have to offer two-two rakha in this wqay
You can perform then wazifa even after obligatory prayers during noon or evening or after night obligation prayer.

dua is the powerful

This dua is the powerful especially for wealth known is Islamic wazifa for rizq if anyone recite Surah e Qadar abundantly every time and the blow it on himself by the grace of Allah wealth will be in your feet and will be never inedible of anyone. After you start reading this wazifa you will see the effects with in a weeks but keep in mind that pay attention to wazifa and strong belief will cross your boat safely if you get it beneficial for yourself the share it with other and keep reading this wazifa forever.

Pray Namaz five time daily also make sure that you read 11 times Darood sharif before and after wazifa be patient and make yourself strong believer of Allah after that Moakil of this dua will help youby hidden way. I posted different wazifa for rizaq which is benficial for you and your family wazifa for the unemployed to get better job dua is the powerful to their related field.

Wazifa for Rizq

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