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Wazifa For Get Job

Wazifa For Get Job.

Wazifa For Get Job: In this era specially in our country unemployment
Wazifa For get job is increase day by day it also facts that high qualified are also job less there are so many matriculation and inter so many in our Pakistan. So that matriculation and inter pass maintain the sets of high qualified person due to strong reference which effected merit and educated person psychological very bed we dont talk about government organization but in private organization the reference and get money of that job so that it is in possible to medal class people to get job in this country.

Sometimes qualified person take action about this kind of illegally and involved himself in criminal activities which is very dangerous for country and himself some time matriculation person take a good salary that and laugh educated person that is why in this time the educated person dis hard and take action about this kind of shameful word and take a tension himself and take tension holy family. If you ever get in to a situation where you have no money or job and it is about to effect your honor and dignity then here is a very strong wazifa for get job with guarantee Insha Allah you get job. Actually be correctly written and pronounced as bezrozgari ka wazifa which mean Wazifa for Employment/job. please read the wazifa after fajar or isha prayer 313 time till 21 days before and after 11time darood e pak.durning this you will get InshAllah good job.

Wazifa for job interview

It is very tough time for the person who going for job interview when he or she goes for job interview different paranoid come to mind that I will qualify or not what will be the interview ask from him/or her but in my opinion it is not big task such you think I am going to give some useful advice and wazifa for job interview which will be the first star for your success are given.
Wear official dress.
Reach before 15 mints from interview.
Highlight your best qualities in the interview.
Pay attention to way you communicate.
Listen carefully to question and them short.

in mosque for man and house for a woman after prayer do a sajda and recite surah e fatheha once only. In the sajda when you come to iiya ka na budu va iiya ka nasta een reapeat it 21 time. Then complete the surah and raise your head from sijada. Then do a dua for your job. you must do this after every Namaz. Darood sharif 11 time before and after dua is must. This wazifa go for interview and give interview inshallah this you will be get success. To recite this wazifa for your desire whish but be patient and read pray 5 time a day then you will see the result in front of you your eye every soon if your are not patient and not follow Islamic rules the its not possible and you will be failed to achieve your wishes. I will say also here that if you follow these rules and for the wish you recite Quranic verses and the from which you want and you will also get reward Inshallah.

Wazifa For Get Job

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