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dua And your lord says call on me I will answer you (Prayer). Quran surah 40.
Is define as any invocation or prayer addressed to Allah.It is the essence of ibadah or worship. With it we can never fail without it we can never success. In the proper scheme of things should be the first thing and conversation with Allah our creator out lord and master. The all Knowing the all Powerful. Beautiful and perfect through certain action.

Sobhan Allah after our daily prayers. These are whatever Muslim could say to reach the mentioned reward in the hadith.

There is a named as Dua-Noor in the Hadith or Quran. The nearest possible match that you are talking about in which Holy Prophet has prayed to Allah asking for light in various things.
O Allah place light in my hard light in my tongue in my hearing light in my eyesight light on my right hand on my left hand light in front of me light behind me light below me O Allah give me abundant light.


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