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Prayer and method of Istikhara

Dua E Istikhara is a very special Islamic dua that brings all Muslims closer to Allah. The meaning of Istikhara is to seek goodness from The Almighty. The intention of seeking goodness is mostly done when someone has to do something important in life. Performing a Prayer and method of Istikhara in Quran is done when someone wants to ask Allah whether the task they are about to perform is good for them or not.

The Salat Al Istikhara is also known as the Dua E Istikhara is read when someone wants guidance from Allah Tala. The decisions that can change the life of a person should only be made after one has performed istikhara ki dua. This will help them in making the exact decision that is right for them.

People often wish to know how to do istikhara for marriage, love problems, or even divorce. With the growth of the internet, people have also begun performing online istikhara. Getting in touch with Islamic scholars has helped them in performing istikhara at home with proper guidance.

Istikhara is the most used in marriage-related problems. If you also have obstacles to getting married to the desired person then you should recite the istikhara for marriage which is the best Islamic solution from Quran.

Istikhara Ki Dua In Quran

The importance given to Istikhara ki dua in Quran is very special. Many people think that performing istikhara is done only when people have to make a decision about marriage. This assumption is totally wrong. The signs of istikhara ki dua are also said to be seen only in dreams. This assumption is also not completely correct as per our Islamic scholar.

We are now going to explain some facts about istikhara ki dua from Quran. Every person who believes in Allah should be aware of them. Seeing the signs of istikhara can sometimes happen within a day and sometimes it takes longer. This is why people should not get restless about not getting the signs within a day of performing the istikhara.

Performing an istikhara for many continuous days is also not necessary. The Prayer and method of Istikhara from the Quran should be performed with different processes for different purposes. It is better to recite the salutations and supplications of istikhara on Allah’s grace. You can also consult an Islamic scholar to understand the importance of istikhara in our life. To get in touch with our Babu Jan Bangali, you can dial the number: +9321-2221372.

Istikhara Ki Dua Ka Tarika

Istikhara ki dua ka tarika means how to do istikhara. We are now going to tell you the complete process of performing istikhara for the decisions you want to make in life.

Istikhara ki dua ka tareeka bahut samajh ke sath karne ki zaroorat hoti hai. Aksar logo ko lagta hai ki istikhara ki dua sirf shadi (marriage) ke liye hi ki jaati hai. Yebaat samajhni har insaan ke liye zaroor hai ki job vo kisi nek kaam ka irada karte hai to usse pehle Allah ki marzi jaanna bahut zaroori hota hai.

Dua-E-istikhara ka tareeka tab janna chahiye jab zindagi ka kuch bada faisla lena Jab bhi koi apna business shuru karna chahta ho, ya koi property khareedna chahta ho, usse pehle istikhara karna hi chahiye. Shadi ke liye aae rishte ko qubool ya thukrane se pehle bhi istikhara karna hi chahiye. Isse aap apni zindgi ke liye Allah ka faisla jaan sakte hai.


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